Introduction and Mission

ACU is the constructor, prime mover and lynchpin of Super Consortium.

Super Consortium is a multi-party energy and security endeavour for the production and delivery of electricity, oil and gas specifically designed for the Middle East region. Super Consortium provides a long-term economic platform that simultaneously prevents conflict in the Middle East and improves energy markets globally. Super Consortium reinvigorates the energy sector of the United States, securing and creating tens of millions of jobs in the U.S. and internationally.

ACU Energy, LNG part of super consortoium

Key Points

  • Super Consortium is the only vehicle that can expeditiously reverse the negative trajectory of the Middle East region.
  • Super Consortium is the natural extension of the successful Nunn-Lugar Program.

  • Super Consortium is operationally modelled on and is an upgraded version of the TVA.

  • Super Consortium gives a secure and stable future to the region’s 300 million people by powering rapid industrialisation.

  • The chief architects of Super Consortium are Dr Thomas B. Cochran and Alex Copson.

ACU Energy LNG, Alex Copson