• The energy and security project developed by ACU is intended to move Russia and China away from confrontation with the United States and back towards cooperation with the US on nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear arms control.
  • The ACU project will replace the chaotic status quoin the Middle East – where half a dozen nuclear power companies now compete to sell nuclear reactors – with a cooperative system that is far easier for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to monitor, police and control.
  • The US and Israel by themselves cannot stop nuclear power from advancing in the Middle East.
  • Russia and China have invested massively in their nuclear export capabilities and are now de facto in a superior position to dominate the region and its non-proliferation policy. The ACU super consortium prevents Russia and China from dominating the Middle East through their superior nuclear export capabilities.
  • Unlike other providers of nuclear power, ACU does not sell reactors or promote the sale of reactors or require, as others do, any softening of the US gold standard in 123 civil nuclear cooperation agreements.
  • The ACU project is designed to reinforce and strengthen the highest US nuclear non-proliferation standards for nuclear energy development in the Middle East. We fully share concerns about the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region and oppose the use of nuclear power there unless it is strictly controlled through the ACU construct or a similar mechanism.
  • The ACU super consortium construct is structured to build, own, operate, secure and control 40 reactors in the Middle East over their 60 to 80-year lifetime – including owning the fuel cycle.
  • The reactors and fuel will be owned by a US-based consortium under US law and consent rights. The US president and Israeli prime minister will make the final decision on the total number of reactors to be constructed by the super consortium.
  • The very nature and architecture of the ACU project prevents at all times the transfer of sensitive nuclear technologies to anyone in the region or any access to fissile material by anyone in the region.
  • The super consortium by design gives Israel an order of magnitude greater capability to defend itself and by extension protect more effectively the Gulf Arab States from Iran under the present regime.
  • The ACU project – through the electricity it produces for regional reconstruction, industrialization and desalination – gives a stable and positive future to millions of young Arabs under 30 who make up 60 percent of the total Middle East population and currently have dismal prospects.